Questions Asked About Top Drawer Builder

Is Top Drawer insurance? 

In part, the liability coverage component of Top Drawer is insurance. The warranty element is insured, also with an “A” rated carrier. Insurance by itself, though, doesn't fix problems for builders or their homeowners

How much time will Top Drawers' services require? 

Top Drawers' services save both time up front and later in how homeowner requests are better handled. Total time for training is less than 90 minutes on all digital services, with allowances for more as needed under special circumstances. Builder title and closing personnel are thoroughly trained on improved marketing and warranty processes in a matter of a couple hours. After implementation, time is saved from having to keep up with manufacturer warranty requirements, subcontractor paperwork, management and review, and the response to excessive customer requests. 

What are the services involved with Top Drawer?

Top Drawer will verify a builder's current quality assurance processes to be sure photographs are being taken and organized properly.

Top Drawer will also verify a builder is using a proven warranty and has a formal customer service program. Trade tracking involves a list of subcontractors and any current subcontract in use. All of this is maintained and monitored for the builder. Any unresolved paper work issues are flagged for the builder and the insurance agent so action can be taken while the trade is still working on the site.

How does Top Drawer work with my insurance agent?

Top Drawer is looking for agents in many states and has already committed to performance-based, exclusivity in some states and territories. Agents who currently insure builders who typically construct 10 plus homes per year and/or are involved in local building associations are welcome to learn more.  States of operation are expanding rapidly and are based on demonstrated agent and builder interests. 

Why are builders buying Top Drawer? 

Builders who don't have claims are saving time and money while enjoying a deliverable set of services. Builders who are more concerned about claims see how Top Drawer better defines out of pocket costs with fewer typical exclusions (subsidence is not excluded for example). Builders know at the time they sell a home how Top Drawer is equipped to help sell homes and provide builder differentiation. Builders see these tools as means of empowerment rather then obligation. Top Drawer Builders can know their financial exposure at the time of a claim.

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